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Florian Karsten Typefaces is an independent type foundry publishing high quality retail and custom typefaces. All typefaces are sold exclusively through this website.

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If your question is not answered here, please contact fonts@floriankarsten.com.

Section A — Licensing

  1. Who is the license owner, and who can install and use the fonts?

    The license owner is whoever is included in the Licensee field in the Cart section when you purchase the license, and in the confirmation e-mail. If you are the license owner, you can use the fonts as specified in your order. Typically installing fonts on a given number of computers within your organization (usage inside your company or organization, across all your business locations). Any 3rd parties require a separate license (including subsidiary company, affiliate company, servicing and production company, design agency, self-employed parties, subcontractors, clients, or any other 3rd party carrying out work on behalf of the license owner).

    Most common examples:

    A — If you are a company with an internal graphic department, you need only one license.

    B — If you are a company with subcontractors, you and your subcontractors are required to buy a separate license (unless you choose to buy a corporate license, in which case all your subcontractors are covered).

    C — If you are a designer delivering stuff for another company, you both need a separate license.
  2. What is a ‘Basic License’?

    A basic license purchased via this website combines desktop & web use (see section B1 & B2). This covers installation on up to 3 workstations within one organisation and allows you to self-host webfont files for a single domain (up to 10k unique visitors/month, no time limitation). If you need more than 3 installations or 10k unique visitors/month, please select the appropriate license option during purchase.
  3. Are there any other licensing options?

    Yes, we offer corporate licenses and other licensing options upon request, please see section B3—B5 for details, or contact us directly at fonts@floriankarsten.com.
  4. I already purchased a license, what if I need more installations or my website exceeds the limit over time?

    In case you exceed the limit given by your license, please contact us directly at fonts@floriankarsten.com and upgrade your license accordingly.
  5. Can I test your typefaces before purchase?

    You can download our free trial package. Please be aware that our trial files contain only uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals and limited set of punctuation. You may use these files only for testing visuals and to deliver a presentation to your clients to demonstrate a potential use of the typefaces. Please do not use the trial font files for production. You must not modify, sell or redistribute trial font files.

Section B — Usage

  1. What is included in a Desktop license?

    With a desktop license, you can install fonts locally on a given number of computers, and generate static printed and digital imagery, such as posters, books, promotional materials, packaging or social media images. It also allows you to generate moving pictures, such as YouTube videos, movie titles, or TV ads. You are not limited by the number of prints or views.
  2. What is included in a Web license?

    With a web license, you can self-host fonts for a single website (domain). This license is limited by the number of monthly visitors.
  3. Can I use your typefaces to create logos or wordmarks?

    If your organisation has less than 50 employees, the desktop license allows you to use our typefaces to create logos and wordmarks. If you're a larger organisation, please get in touch at fonts@floriankarsten.com first.
  4. Can I use your typefaces to create a merchandise?

    If your organisation has less than 50 employees, the desktop license allows you to use the typefaces on a physical retail product, such as clothing or hardware. If you're a larger organisation, please get in touch at fonts@floriankarsten.com first.
  5. What is included in an App / Game / ePub license?

    With an App / Game / ePub License you can embed the fonts into a single app (could be a mobile app, desktop app, game, eBook). This license is limited by the number of users/subscribers.
  6. What is included in an Online Advertising license?

    With an Online Advertising License you can use the fonts within HTML advertising, pop-ups, or e-mail newsletters.
  7. What is included in an Electronic Device license?

    With an Electronic Device License you can use the fonts within device displays (such as entertainment products, household appliances, digital POS, ticket machines, dashboards).

    If you have a similar request, please send us an e-mail at fonts@floriankarsten.com.

Section C — Payment & Delivery

  1. I did not receive my fonts. Where can I find it?

    A fulfilment e-mail with a download link is sent to your e-mail shortly after your purchase. Please, check your Spam first, and if you can't find our confirmation e-mail, get in touch at fonts@floriankarsten.com. We will respond ASAP.
  2. How does the payment work?

    Our order process is conducted by our online reseller Paddle.com. Paddle.com is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. Paddle provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns. Please be aware that Paddle collects your information at checkout to process your purchase. You can read more about Paddle platform here.
  3. Do you charge VAT?

    As a company registered in the Czech Republic, we are obligated to charge Value Added Tax (VAT) on our sales and services within the European Union (EU). If your billing address is outside of the EU, we don't charge VAT. EU customers are charged their local VAT unless they provide a valid VAT ID during the checkout process, in which case they are charged 0% VAT. However, EU customers who were charged 0% VAT from us are required to declare and pay the associated value-added tax (the so-called ‘reverse charge’ procedure) in their country.
  4. Which font files do you provide?

    Static desktop fonts are provided in both OTF and TTF file formats, variable desktop fonts only in TTF file format. Both static and variable fonts for the web are provided in WOFF and WOFF2 file formats.
  5. Can I return purchased fonts?

    Due to the digital nature of fonts, returns are not possible. However, if you made a mistake during the purchase, we will try our best to help you out. Contact us directly at fonts@floriankarsten.com.