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Kennedy Space Center
Launch Complex 39
FK Display Regular
Stylistic Set 1
Complexe de lancement
39 du centre spatial Kennedy
FK Display Regular Alt
Stylistic Set 1

About Typeface

FK Display is a single weight sans-serif typeface, intended for headlines and larger scale applications. While sharing some design principles with FK Grotesk, its overall look is more expressive due to significantly contrasting width proportions, exaggerated optical compensations and some quirky letterforms.

FK Display supports Latin Extended-A character set and several OpenType features. For complete specs see typeface specimen. Also, see our Instagram gallery for various in use examples.

If you purchased full family, ask for a free variable font.

License Information

Included desktop license (up to 3 users within one organization, unlimited print use) and fair use web license (unlimited number of small to medium scale websites, each up to 50k visitors/month). For more information or other licensing options, please read EULA or contact me directly.

Buying Options

  • Single Style (desktop + web) 60 Eur
  • Family (2 styles + variable, desktop + web) 90 Eur
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