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FK Roman
FK Grotesk
FK Screamer
FK Display
Space Grotesk
FK Grotesk Text
FK Roman
FK Grotesk
Space Grotesk
FK Sans
FK Grotesk 24 Styles, from 60/180 Eur
FK Roman 12 styles, 60/210/420 Eur
FK Screamer 3 Styles, 60/120 Eur
FK Display 2 Styles, 60/90 Eur
Space Grotesk 5 Styles, Open-Source

Retail Typefaces

All prices exclude VAT. Non-EU customers are not charged VAT. EU customers are charged their local VAT unless they provide a valid VAT ID during the checkout process, in which case they are charged 0% VAT. Czech customers without valid VAT ID may contact us directly via e-mail. For more information about our VAT policy please see FAQ.

Licence Information

Desktop license (up to 3 users within 1 organization, unlimited print use), fair use web license (self-hosted webfonts, unlimited number of small to medium scale websites, each up to 50k visitors/month). For more information, please read EULA or contact me directly.


Florian Karsten is an independent type foundry publishing high quality retail and custom typefaces. All typefaces are sold exclusively through this website.

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FK Type Catalogue
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